• Part two of our three part article series on home theater design explores sound design and soundproofing.

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    What Are You Waiting For? | Install Home Theater Today 480-926-1033

    Home Theater Surround Sound

    Surround sound is a home theater innovation.  It immerses the viewer in the film or television show that they’re watching.  It is more than just sound, it’s also an experience.  However, what a lot of people don’t realize about installing it, it isn’t just the number of speakers that make the sound come alive, it is also some other factors that contribute to the overall experience.  For one thing, where you place your speakers.

    A lot of people that go for a theater in a box solution often don’t realize that their sound quality will depend a lot on how and where they place their speakers.  One of our clients, by way of example, installed his home theater and was getting a weird reverberation effect on his sound system.  The reason for this is that he had two opposing speakers facing each other that were only a few feet apart.   We helped him to move his speakers and get them wired into his mixer so he could control the sound level and quality.  Another thing that you have to realize about home theater sound is the room that it is in.

    Installing Home Theater:  Location Matters

    One thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that it isn’t just the number of speakers or where they’re put that determines the quality of your surround sound, it is also what room the home theater is in.  People that have a lot of room are smart and usually make one room of their home a dedicated home theater.  With the right budget, the walls can be soundproofed which significantly improves the sound level as well as how good it sounds.  If you can’t soundproof a room, get an electrician to help you wire it properly, even with a theater in a box.  Why?  Well, if you have wireless speakers and you put them out of range your sound will not work properly.  Inversely, if you put them too close together, the sound quality will go down because of feedback and echo.

    So remember, when you want to get home theater, you want to make sure you get not only the right equipment, but the right personnel to help you install it.  So get advice from your residential electrician in Gilbert, AZ.


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