• Part one of a four part series on home theater installation explores some basic concepts.

    Home Theater Installation: Location, Location, Location

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    Does it matter where you do home theater installation?  In a word, yes.  You never want to put it somewhere where noise will be an issue. That’s why before you call in an electrician, you have to know where you’d like your system to be installed.

    Do you want to install a home theater in a family room, or is there another place that is better?  You want a room that has enough space.   It helps to make a sketch of the outline of the room.  Where is the television going to go?  What about the seating?  Where do you want to place the speakers and amps?    After you’ve figured out where it’s going, then it’s time to figure out what components are going to be a part of the system.

    Home Theater Components

    Most people think of  home theater components such as a Blu-Ray player, or maybe a cable/satellite box.  But you can also connect gaming consoles to home theater as well as personal computers.  Pretty much if it has an electrical connection and a media connection it is conceivably possible to connect it up as well.   And don’t forget an often overlooked part of your system: enough seating.  You want to plan the focal point of your room and make sure that you have no seats that can’t see the screen.

    A little planning never hurt anyone.  And the right sort of planning means that you are not getting a bunch of electronic components.  Instead, you’re getting the best home theater system ever.

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