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  • Preston Allen Dodge

    Preston Allen Dodge went to high school in Chandler where Dodge Electric is located. He worked his way up through the ranks, getting his first electrical experience working with his brother in the residential market while on leave from the U.S. Navy.

    After the Navy, Preston worked with several electrical contractors in the residential field before he was hired by Harrison Electric, where he was exposed to commercial electrical construction. Moving on to Viking Electric, Dodge continued to build his skills and applied for membership in the union. After his acceptance, he underwent the required 4-year apprenticeship, culminating in his classification as a journeyman electrician.

    This was the “spark” that motivated him to begin an electrical business, and he did just that the year that he received the journeyman’s classification. He invited his brother to be in business with him, which resulted in a 20-year partnership.

    Preston and Dodge Electric are well established in their home area, having a following of individuals, businesses, and general contractors who use their services on a continuing basis. Preston has directed the company into service areas of commercial and residential for much of the last five years.

    Preston was born in Mesa, Arizona and maintains the 3rd generation in his family as a native Arizonian. He is proud of the relationships he and his company maintain within the community and the service Dodge Electric has always given to Chandler.

    Mike Storer, Project Manager

    Mike lives in Eloy, having come there by way of Casa Grande after leaving his birthplace of Phoenix. His electrical career began in 1987 at the ripe old age of 17. After learning the ropes for a few years, he made the plunge into the Marine Corps in 1993, where he served in the military police.

    After his 4-year military service term ended, Mike returned to work for the same company who had employed him before his military career. He worked 19 years with the same company before he left in 2006. Two years later he joined the Dodge Electric group as a Project Manager.

    A happily married husband, father of seven children, and grandfather to one young lady, Mike is very enthusiastic about his position with Dodge Electric because he knows that the company really cares about their customers. His efforts, along with others in the company, are directed to making every customer 100% satisfied with the service they receive.

    With Christian values behind him, Mike serves the Lord and the people of the community to the very best of his ability. His commitment to you is to make sure you are a happy customer, EVERY time.