• Commercial construction is an entirely different animal than residential work. That is true for all the trades that comprise the subcontractors that fall under the general contractor’s “umbrella.”

    Most commercial general contractors use different subcontractors than those who generally work in the residential trade because the work scope is much different.

    Fortunately, this is not always the case, as Dodge Electric has trained and knowledge staff in residential, industrial, and commercial construction. There are many differences between wiring a home and an industrial or commercial building. The commercial electrician may work different voltage services, and there is usually a lot of pipe work, as wiring runs in conduit within metal buildings and where metal studs are used.

    Building an electrical service for a large commercial building is a great deal different than installing one on a home. Some commercial work is performed in wood framed structures so it is more similar to residential applications. While the commercial electrician must be versatile in many different aspects within the electrical profession, home wiring is rather standard under most applications.

    Tenant improvement wiring can involve a new fit-out for an existing building where the new business has different electrical needs from the previous occupant. For instance, a pizza parlor would have very different needs from a doctor’s clinic. The challenges for a commercial electrician can involve customized wiring for individual tenant spaces and for the entire commercial building as well.

    Lighting in commercial applications often means more fluorescent fixtures than incandescent ones. The commercial electrician and most business owners are more concerned with electrical service that is less expensive to operate, which is why fluorescent lights are used.

    Along with lighting, commercial applications have requirements for emergency lighting when the power goes out. These battery-backed units will burn long enough for everyone to find their way out of the building safely.

    Some other tasks that fall on the commercial electrician may include wiring for complicated industrial equipment, specialized computers and office equipment, boilers, security gates, refrigerated storage spaces, irrigation and fire sprinklers, and backup generators, just to name a few. When a commercial or industrial building must be upgraded electrically, the commercial electrician is called in to do the work. This can involve wiring for computer systems and low voltage wiring for many specialized applications.

    Simply put, the world of the commercial electrician is far reaching and only those with years of experience and training can responsibly do many of the jobs that fall under the commercial classification.

    Dodge Electric has been serving the commercial needs of general contractors and individual owners in the Phoenix, Arizona area since 1985. They are a highly respected electrical contractor in the Phoenix and surrounding area. If you require commercial or industrial electrical work, take advantage of the experience and proven level of customer satisfaction people have come to expect from Dodge Electric.