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  • As a professional electrician in Chandler I’m often asked questions much like these…

    Call Your Electrical Contractor for Wiring Changes | (480) 926-1033

    Call Your Electrical Contractor for Wiring Changes | (480) 926-1033

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    “How hard can it be?”

    This is the first question that daring homeowners asks themselves when approaching an electrical repair that they think is going to be easy. Encouraged partly by the prospect of saving on the cost of repair, and the DIY (Do it yourself) craze that is currently sweeping over the United States; non-licensed homeowners are now resorting to their own tools with step-by-step videos acting as guides.

    However, not only do you legally require a fully qualified electrician to fix complex electrical problems but recent statistics also show that over 350,000 people incur serious injuries from electric shocks annually. That’s a little under 1,000 separate cases every day. And what for?

    Realistically, the hospital bill will probably cost more than hiring a professional electrician in the first place. Do not be penny wise and pound foolish, when it comes to complex electrical wiring jobs, DIY is a gamble that you should never undertake.

    Why Hire an Electrician in Chandler?

    Other than saving yourself stupendous medical bills, there are a number of benefits that you stand to enjoy when you hire a professional electrician. These are listed below;

    1.Incorrectly installed electronics can kill

    Do you know that on average, 30 people die each year in the U.S due to electrocutions and electric burns? Yes, electricity is an incredibly dangerous thing. In fact, the seemingly mundane 230 volts domestic supply is more than needed to kill. Furthermore, electrical faults can also start fires- you could lose everything including your family.

    2. Save on costs

    These are frugal times and most homeowners are doing everything in their power to cut on costs. But then again, let’s not forget that cheap is expensive. For instance, by calling in an unlicensed fly-by-night electrician who operates from the trunk of his car you’re actually setting yourself up for a future repair that might cost double what you’re paying now. It often costs more to hire an electrician to put things right than it would have done to hire a qualified electrician in the first place. Don’t be cheap; hire a fully licensed electrician in Chandler and save your money, and quite possibly more. ¬†You could end up saving your life as well.

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