• In our last article, we covered home theater installation.  This article will explore some things to know regarding sound and how you should wire your home for it.

    Install the Right Speakers for your Home Theater | 480-926-1033

    Install the Right Speakers for your Home Theater | 480-926-1033

    Speaker Installation and Noise Criteria Levels

    Noise Criteria Levels exist for a reason, so you can get your home theater’s sound system up to the next level.  When you’re installing home theater, be aware of the NC level.  Here is a handy guide, courtesy of WIKIPEDIA.ORG: “Noise Criteria (NC) are noise-level guidelines applicable to cinema and home cinema. For this application, it is a measure of a room’s ambient noise level at various frequencies. For example, in order for a theater to be THX certified, it must have an ambient sound level of NC-30 or less. This helps to retain the dynamic range of the system.[3] Some NC levels are:

    NC 40: Significant but not a dooming level of ambient noise; the highest “acceptable” ambient noise level. 40 decibels is the lower sound pressure level of normal talking; 60 being the highest.

    NC 30: A good NC level; necessary for THX certification in cinemas.

    NC 20: An excellent NC level; difficult to attain in large rooms and sought after for dedicated home cinema systems. For example, for a home cinema to be THX certified, it has to have a rating of NC 22.[4]

    NC 10: Virtually impossible noise criteria to attain; 10 decibels is associated with the sound level of calm breathing.” ”  [READ MORE]

    One thing you also have to realize is that if you are wiring speakers, you don’t want cheap speaker wire.  You may save a bit of money, but  you’ll get annoyed when you hear a lot of noise on your speakers that has nothing to do with what you’re watching.  You know what we mean, popping, hissing, cracking sounds.

    Installing a Sound System for Home Theater: Don’t Do It Yourself

    A lot of people come to us after they’ve tried to install their speakers themselves, and they’re usually not happy with their sound.  See, it isn’t just the wiring, it is the mixer.  If you have low quality speakers connected to a high tech mixer, you’re going to have an issue, just as if you have a low end mixer connected to high end speakers.

    So remember, get professional help with your home theater.  Call your electrician contractor today.

    Read more about home theater installation.

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