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  • There are many hats to wear in the commercial, industrial, and residential electrical arena. Few jobs are identical to any other, and the work requires knowledge of many different electrical concepts and codes. These are not jobs to entrust to those without experience in electrical construction methods. Dodge Electric has been in the business long enough to understand the many facets of all types of electrical wiring, and experience is a great asset to have in this industry.

    Whatever the task might be, Dodge Electric knows electrical construction from the “ground” up.

    Power Panel Upgrades

    When the time comes to change out your power panel, who do you want to have in charge of making the upgrades? Dodge Electric has upgraded homes and businesses all over Chandler and other locations within the area since 1985. You cannot continue to live on borrowed time when it comes to having the electrical service you need.

    Don’t keep taking a chance with your home’s outdated electrical system. Power panel upgrades are less expensive than you might think and they are the only choice that makes sense. Call Dodge Electric today for your power panel upgrade quote.

    Electrical Troubleshooting

    There are safety risks involved when anyone attempts to perform electrical work that requires a trained and skilled professional electrician. Everyone knows that flipping a switch makes the light come on, but there’s much more to electrical troubleshooting than that. Understanding a few things about how electricity moves from one place to another and the basic safety precautions to take when performing electrical work may help you do some electrical troubleshooting when things go wrong. For your own safety and peace of mind, let Dodge Electric handle your electrical troubleshooting needs in the Phoenix and surrounding area.

    Swimming Pool Wiring

    Do you ever wonder how an electric light can be installed underwater and still work? It is a complicated matter of voltage and grounding. Swimming pool and hot tub wiring is important because of the many associated safety issues. The dedicated professional staff at Dodge Electrical is fully capable of performing all the necessary electrical re-wiring for your existing swimming pool. Dodge offers free estimates, prompt response time, and outstanding customer service dating back to 1985. Dodge is your swimming pool re-wiring professional. Call someone familiar with all swimming pool code requirements in the Phoenix and surrounding area for all your swimming pool safety needs.

    Ceiling Fan Installation

    Many of the accidents at home are caused by the handy “weekend” electrician. A ceiling fan looks like a simple enough DIY project, and it is if you know what you are doing. Dodge Electric can take care of these simple jobs fast such as installing a receptacle or a ceiling fan, and we can do it affordably and efficiently. Being familiar with all electrical code requirements is highly recommended when performing electrical work. A ceiling fan installation involves more than just mounting the fan to the ceiling; wiring may be involved along with some structural framing modifications. Rather than risk your safety, give Dodge Electric a call for all your Phoenix, Arizona electrical needs including ceiling fan installation.

    Indoor Lighting Installation

    Having the right indoor lighting makes all the difference in the impression an illuminated area makes. You probably already have an idea of the indoor lighting effect you want, and a qualified Arizona electrician can bring that idea to life. Knowledgeable electricians know what actually works in application and meets all the building codes. To achieve the lighting effects you want, Dodge Electric is prepared to apply their experience and skills to meet your interior lighting installation needs. Let the expert staff at Dodge Electric “light up your life.”