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    Home Power Panel Upgrades
  • A new panel will most likely be larger than the old one it replaces, so the removal and replacement will probably require some carpentry, drywall, and painting work to make room for the new box and finish the wall afterwards. New circuits may need to be run which might necessitate more tearing out and repairing.

    Power Panel Upgrades

    Every family has more electrical devices today than were even available 40 years ago. Most homes built in the 60s, 70s, or before were not wired for today’s current uses. A power panel upgrade is often a necessity to keep these older homes safe. Some homes that have been remodeled need larger panels and more circuits to handle the additional load.

    A few things to look for in your panel box will indicate if a new power panel upgrade is needed. You can do a quick inspection yourself to determine the status. Some of the things to look for are:

    * Fuses or circuit breakers – If you still have fuses, you definitely need a power panel upgrade. Fuses are not adequate protection for an overload, and many people place a penny in the socket so they won’t blow out. This is extremely dangerous and an invitation for an electrical fire.

    * Size of the panel box – Both in size and amps, you may be limited with your existing panel. A service of less than 200 amps is not enough for most homes today. If you have central heat and air, an electric water heater, and a modern kitchen, you should have 200-amp service. The panel box should have a main breaker in it, which will tell you what amperage it is.

    If you have less than 20 circuits and cannot expand anymore, you need a power panel upgrade.

    * Type of circuit breakers – Many of the old circuit breakers from the 60s and 70s are known not to work properly, which is dangerous because wires can overheat and cause an electrical fire.

    Under the 2008 National Electrical Code, arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCI) are required in all new construction. These were not even available back when many homes were built. Arc faults are one of the primary causes of residential fires, and replacing old breakers with AFCIs is money well spent.

    What to Expect in a Power Panel Upgrade

    An upgrade to service may mean that the utility provider must bring a new service cable to your home, and the outside meter box assembly may have to be changed out also.

    Your Chandler, Arizona electrician will schedule your power panel upgrade to coincide with the utility provider’s work to limit the time the electrical service will be disconnected from your home. You may need to make arrangements for frozen and refrigerated food to be stored elsewhere, depending on the extent of the work required.

    If your lights dim when the refrigerator knocks on, you are seriously in need of a power panel upgrade. A lack of sufficient electrical circuits and adequate amperage can shorten the life of all your electrical appliances. For your family’s safety, you should consider a power panel upgrade as soon as possible if any of these conditions exist.

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