• The lighting inside your home or office contributes a great deal to the type of atmosphere people sense when they enter a room. A cozy den area should have the option of low lighting for watching television, enjoying a romantic evening at home, or full illumination when it is needed. Some rooms profit from indirect lighting to reduce glare and provide a more relaxed environment.

    Sometimes architects don’t foresee what a homeowner might wish to have in the way of indoor lighting, and a new owner to an existing home often wants to illuminate differently than the previous resident. There are many reasons for changing the lighting within a home.

    If you have ideas about the lighting at your work or home, you should discuss them with a Chandler, Arizona electrician to determine feasibility and practicality. While an owner may have definite visions of how lighting will enhance an area, an electrician knows better about foot candles of light and how much radiance is needed directly or indirectly for indoor lighting applications.

    Properly Lighting a Home

    Considerations for indoor lighting have much to do with the use of a room or area, the number of windows, colors used in a room, accessory lighting to be used, and the preferences of the owner. There is nothing to say that any kind of indoor lighting is wrong as long as the owner understands the options to make the best judgment.

    A bathroom is an area that may need two types of indoor lighting. Low lighting may be preferable much of the time, but when someone is applying makeup, shaving, or other tasks, stronger light is necessary. For that reason, even a small restroom might be better suited for two light sources.

    A kitchen often has a large fluorescent ceiling light to illuminate the entire area, but some cooks prefer low light instead. A compromise of sorts is often the best way to light the kitchen. This might be accomplished by the use of indirect lighting around the ceiling perimeter and under counter lighting in the areas where food preparation and cooking take place.

    Added Touches

    Torch lighting is a popular alternative in rooms where there is no central area that needs highlighting. Additionally, the use of dimmers to control the overall room illumination or sections of a room can definitely create a whole new effect for the area.

    In museums, indirect lighting is commonly used, but spotlights and floodlights are also incorporated in strategic ways so that art can be viewed in the best and most normal light. A home or office can have similar needs for portraits, plaques, and other wall enhancements.

    A house or an office profits dramatically from indoor lighting that does not follow a standard from one room to the next.

    Whatever your lighting needs may be, Dodge Electric has the knowledgeable staff to make changes to your existing home or office per the National Electrical Code, or we can install wiring and lighting for new construction. Call Chandler, Arizona’s preferred electrical contractor today for all your commercial and residential electrical needs at (480) 926-1033.