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    Owning a spa or hot tub in the desert might seem unusual; who wants to soak in a tub of hot water in the heat? While the summers here in Arizona can be brutally hot, the other half of the year is perfect for owning a jacuzzi tub.

    How Much Power Does A Spa Need?

    A hot tub typically required 220V wiring that is remotely located in the yard of your home. In most cases, a new spa electric circuit that is dedicated to powering the the unit must be added to your home’s circuit panel. When there isn’t room or enough power in the existing panel, a circuit panel upgrade is often necessary to provide power without overloading the existing power panel.

    Adding A Spa Circuit Isn’t For The Do-It-Yourselfer

    Without proper inspection, assessment and installation, adding a spa circuit can lead to a dangerous situation that could result in injury, fire, or damage to your home. Dodge Electric specializes in safely adding circuits to your home to power swimming pools, spas and many other outdoor water features. Call today for a free estimate on spa circuit installation for your home. 480-926-1033.