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    Home Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Changing out a light fixture on your ceiling with another is a relatively simple thing to do, but replacing it with a ceiling fan or fan/light combination is a little more involved. Even though step by step ceiling fan installation instructions are easily found, every installation situation is different.

    Hanging Heavy Objects

    The structural integrity where the fan is to be mounted is one of the primary concerns, and it must be substantial enough to hold the weight of the new fixture if a ceiling fan installation is to be successful.

    Many of the boxes where light fixtures are wired are not attached firmly enough to hold the added weight of a paddle fan. The ceiling fan installation may require the weight of the fan to be held by the box or, in some instances, it may screw into the wood framing member where the box is attached.

    For safety purposes, the wood support member should be attached at both ends into a ceiling joist with no less than two 12 or 16 d nails at each end. You may also use 3 to 3.5 inch screws. The same length screws should be used to attach the metal ceiling box to the framing member. Screws are better with the ceiling box because they will not work loose when the fan vibrates the way nails might.

    Extra Wiring

    Once the issue of support is satisfactorily addressed, the next concern is if you have a light kit with the fan or not. If you are only doing a ceiling fan installation, you should not need any other wiring unless you are changing from a single pole to a 3-way switch. Generally, it is good to use a light kit so the room has an optional ceiling light.

    If you need to run wiring for a light or another wall switch, it is a good time to use the services of a qualified licensed Arizona electrician. Attempting to get new electrical wiring inside a finished wall is not a job for the weekend electrician, and the novice can do a great deal more damage to finishes than he will save by attempting to do the work himself.

    Professional Opinion

    Because every ceiling fan installation is different, even the simple matter of shoring up the support of the framing member to hold the fan can be complicated. If the fan is mounted in the floor system of another floor, it can be very difficult to secure it without the proper construction knowledge, and the same is true when it comes to any necessary additional wiring.

    In some cases, it may be necessary to remove and replace finishes for a ceiling fan installation. You should consult a licensed insured electrical contractor before you make any alterations that will require expense to repair. This one single step can end up saving you time and money in the long run.

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