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    Home Ceiling Fans Why It Is Better to Hire a Licensed Electrician in Mesa AZ
  • Have your electrical wiring installed by a licensed residential electrician in Mesa and save both money and hassle.

    Get your swimming pool rewiring done. (480) 926-1033

    Get your swimming pool rewiring done. (480) 926-1033

    How Can I Do Wiring Projects Myself?

    Doing electrical jobs on your own may seem to be a good idea, but you can be sure you will have peace of mind if you will let an expert takes care of everything. Call a qualified residential electrician for electrical inspection or repairs and keep your home safe. Why is it better to hire a professional? Well, for example, if you mix copper and aluminum wiring, you have a good chance of starting an electrical fire.

    During the 1970’s, to save money, a lot of building contractors used both copper and aluminum wiring. The problem? Over time, the two metals produce a chemical reaction. According to SFGATE.COM:

    “While copper and aluminum can work together, they require special connectors to join these different metals. The problem begins when two dissimilar metals meet; a chemical reaction takes place that causes them to oxidize. Oxidation causes a high-resistant connection to develop with an unwanted voltage drop across the connection. Voltage drop leads to three potential problems: low voltage resulting in equipment damage, wasted energy and poor efficiency — and the most dangerous of all — the connection heats up and can contribute to fires at high-ampere loads.
    Expansion and Contractions
    Aluminum and copper do not expand and contract at the same rates as they heat up and cool down. This difference can cause wire splices or connections to work loose. A loose connection, whether at a splice in a junction box or at a terminal screw on a switch or receptacle can cause arcing. Loose connections are forerunners to arc faults, arc flash and fires in electrical systems.” View Source

    While you can connect copper and aluminum by use of a special connector, a great many electrical experts still don’t recommend it. However, an electrician can help you with a great many electrical projects.

    It’s Not Just Wiring an Electrician Can Help You With

    Did you know for example, that an electrician can help with rewiring your swimming pool? This is a vital service. Older swimming pool lights can crack, and if they do, they can cause electrical injury. Modern LED bulbs are safer, and better sealed.
    The average ceiling fan can weigh as much as twenty pounds. They’re bulky, cumbersome, and usually require a connection for the fan and for the light fixture as well. An electrician can install it quickly and with very little effort.

    So remember, it’s not always about saving money. Sometimes, it’s about putting your money to good use, such as hiring a Mesa electrician.

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