• If you need electrical repairs or upgrades, than you should call an electrician in Mesa.  There are several benefits to doing so…

    We are Your Residential Electrician in Mesa | 480-926-1033

    We are Your Residential Electrician in Mesa | 480-926-1033

    An Electrician in Mesa:  Installation,  and Repair

    Mesa electrician is a tradesman who focuses on the installation, repair and maintenance of the different electrical applications in both residential and commercial uses.

    Hiring a professional electrician contractor can make life a lot less complicated. Just as you probably do not design your clothes yourself, the same goes for electrical work. It is best to trust an electrician for any electrical work. A residential electrician is the best person to trust in case of an electrical  installation or repair job.

    How Can I Fix My Wiring Myself?

    Like everything in life, there is a good side and a bad side.  Electricity makes our homes more comfortable, and allows us to live a modern lifestyle, however, with that said, electricity can be incredibly dangerous, particularly if you do not know what you’re doing.  How can you fix your wiring yourself?  We don’t recommend that you try.  What could go wrong?  A lot.

    Let’s say you get the wrong gauge of wire for your wiring project.  At the very best, your wiring job won’t work.  At the worst, it could be an electrical fire or injury. But it’s not just the gauge you have to worry about.

    A lot of people don’t know that mixing copper and aluminum wire together is inherently dangerous.  This happened a lot with homes built during the 1970’s.  A lot of builders mixed and matched, and as a result, electrical fires increased significantly.  Why?  Well, copper and aluminum mixed together create a chemical reaction that can lead to a short or electrical fire. According to the site Homeguides, on the San Francisco Bay News site:

    “The problems associated with aluminum and copper wires for electrical service lie not with the wire, as both conduct electricity.Problems do arise when aluminum wire and copper wire are used together incorrectly, and when aluminum wires terminate on devices meant for copper wire. Although modern technology makes it possible for the do-it-yourself electrician to work with aluminum wiring, it is still something the beginner should leave to the professionals.

    Fire Hazards
    Homes and mobile homes built between 1965 and 1973 primarily used aluminum for conducting electricity because it was light and relatively inexpensive when compared to the rising cost of copper wire during that period. Although aluminum deteriorates quicker than copper does, and exhibits more defects over time, the real problems occur from the connectors and switches that connect electrical circuits together. Weak or deteriorating connectors — and constantly or heavily loaded circuits — usually contribute to the electrical fires associated with aluminum wire usage.” [VIEW SOURCE]

    So that is the first of many benefits of hiring a residential electrician in Mesa: safety.

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