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    Home Spa Circuit Installation and Swimming Pool Lighting: Call an Electrician in Chandler (Continued)
  • A residential electrician in Chandler can help with electrical systems in all areas of your home, even with your pool and hot tub.

    In addition to spa circuit wiring, an electrician can install a ceiling fan for you | 480-926-1033

    In addition to spa circuit wiring, an electrician can install a ceiling fan for you | 480-926-1033

    Spa Circuit Wiring: Do It The Safe Way

    As we covered previously, if you have an older pool, more than likely, your swimming pool lighting  is using essentially a sealed beam headlight.  Essentially it is a light behind thick glass, and supposedly water tight glass at that. The problem with incandescent light and water, is that an incandescent light bulb is essentially a live wire behind a thin piece of glass, even thinner with the bulb itself.

    lighting systems used near water are safe starts with the equipment, which means using 12-volt lighting systems. You can use 120-volt systems, which must be installed by a licensed electrician, but I believe and argue that for the vast majority of applications, 12-volt systems are the best choice because the lower voltage is inherently less hazardous. (LED systems have come on strong in a big way in recent years and can provide high levels of safety and performance, but only if you use the right equipment. [VIEW SOURCE]

    And Don’t Forget Ceiling Fans

    One of the many ways a Chandler electrician can also keep you safe is that he can help you to install a ceiling fan. A fan of any sort helps to not only reduce your electric bill, it adds a touch of class to a room. However, while ceiling fans are great, they can be challenging to install them yourself. That’s another reason you should call a residential electrician. He will likely have a team as well as all of the equipment necessary for ceiling fan installation. Here are some facts about ceiling fans that should prompt you to call an electrician.

    A ceiling fan’s average weight is 50lbs.  The heavier the fan that you have, the more precautions you’re going to have to take. The heaviest fan that should be supported by an outlet box is 35 pounds. If it weighs more than 25 lbs, you’re going to need to structurally reinforce the mounts in the ceiling in order to support it. If you’re installing a heavy ceiling fan, you want to make sure the junction box can hold at least 50 pounds. An improperly mounted ceiling fan can wobble which is not only unsightly, it can be potentially dangerous.

    Do you want to be a household injury statistic? If not, you might want to take a safer route. Hire an electrician in Chandler to install your ceiling fan for you.

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