• An electrician in Chandler can help you with a lot of different, and potentially dangerous tasks.  Two such tasks are spa circuit installation and swimming pool lighting installation.

    Your Residential Electrician in Chandler| 480-926-1033

    Your Residential Electrician in Chandler| 480-926-1033

    The Dangers of Swimming Pool Lighting Installation

    Living in Arizona, a swimming pool is a welcome respite from the terrible summer heat.  Temperatures from May through September can easily  hit well over 100 degrees.  If you have a private yard, you probably want to go swimming even in the evening.  There’s something magical about floating in a pool at night and looking up at the stars above you and maybe some palm trees.  But you want to light your pool both for safety and ambiance.  However, if you’re not careful, you can up the risk of being electrocuted by your swimming pool lighting.

    If you have an older pool, more than likely, your swimming pool lighting  is using essentially a sealed beam headlight.  Essentially it is a light behind thick glass, and supposedly water tight glass at that. The problem with incandescent light and water, is that an incandescent light bulb is essentially a live wire behind a thin piece of glass, even thinner with the bulb itself.   Incandescent light throws off a lot of heat.  When exposed to the natural coolness of water, over time, while the glass might not experience any damage, the seals can become brittle.  All it takes is a small crack.  Someone jumps in the pool, and then there is a tragedy on the six o’clock news.  This can be prevented by having a residential electrician come in to upgrade your swimming pool lighting to safer LED lighting. Electrical safety around water is very important.  This holds true for spa circuit wiring as well.

    Spa Circuit Wiring and a Chandler Electrician

    A spa or a hot tub is a wonderful thing to have. It helps to relax you, and helps you to relieve stress at the end of a hard day. However, if you’re not careful, or you try to do the wiring yourself, you could end up in the hospital, or even worse, the morgue.

    Why is having an electrician do your spa circuit wiring so important? After all, most hot tubs are made of non conductive materials such as acrylic, fiberglass, or vinyl. While this is true, almost all hot tubs require electricity to run. You probably have some river rocks surrounding your hot tub, with a bit of standing water. All it would take is for you to touch water that is electrified, and you would experience an electrical discharge.

    Electrical injury is a fairly common problem. It’s reported at the federal level. Don’t be an unfortunate statistic. Call a Chandler electrical contractor for all of your spa wiring and pool lighting needs.

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