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    Home Electrical Troubleshooting Should Involve a Gilbert Electrician (Contd.)
  • Gilbert electrician should always handle electrical troubleshooting.  

    A Residential Electrician is Your Go To Expert for Electrical Upgrades | 480-926-1033

    A Residential Electrician is Your Go To Expert for Electrical Upgrades | 480-926-1033

    Your Gilbert Electrician: Professional Electrical Troubleshooting

    As we covered previously, sometimes, when you touch an appliance, you will feel a mild shock or even just a strange tingling in your hand. This usually indicates a problem with the wiring or the grounding of the appliance. This is definitely a problem that needs immediate attention from an electrician. Do not try to troubleshoot this yourself. There is a good chance of your getting electrocuted if you start delving into the wiring behind the appliance looking for the problem.

    Another sign that you might need professional electrical troubleshooting is hot fixtures.  It may happen that you notice switches or light fittings feeling warm or even hot to the touch. This is usually due to bad insulation or overloading. This kind of electrical problem could lead to an electrical fire so you need to get an electrician in Gilbert out to repair the insulation as soon as possible. While you wait for help to arrive, make sure that you do not use the fixture. There is no point in aggravating the problem and possibly cause a fire.

    No Your House Isn’t Haunted, You Need Electrical Troubleshooting

    Flickering lights are another sign of electrical problems, not of ghosts. Sometimes flickering lights are an indication of a loose or bad light bulb. The only electrical troubleshooting you should do here is to try to replace the bulb. If that does not fix the problem, it is time to call in an electrician. It could be a faulty light fixture or loose connections or a bad circuit breaker. There are just too many options for you to be able to pinpoint the correct cause and you should definitely not be trying to fix it.

    Sparks or a burning smell is a sign of a big problem. If at any point you notice the smell of burning or get sparks from a fixture or outlet, you need to get an electrician out right away. Both of these signs could cause an electrical fire – something to definitely be avoided. The list of things that can cause the burning smell or sparks is long and a qualified electrician is best able to figure it out and fix the problem before you have a fire. Once again, avoid using the fixtures that cause the problem until they are fixed.

    Why should you call a professional electrician? You may think that calling in a professional electrician to deal with a problem that seems really simple is a waste of time, but there good reasons why a professional, licensed Gilbert electrician is the best option.

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