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    Home Breaker Tripping Electrical Troubleshooting Should Involve a Gilbert Electrician
  • Electrical troubleshooting should involve a Gilbert electrician. ¬†Working with any sort of wiring problem yourself is potentially dangerous.

    Call Your Electrical Contractor for Wiring Changes or Troubleshooting | (480) 926-1033

    Call Your Electrical Contractor for Wiring Changes or Troubleshooting | (480) 926-1033

    An Electrician in Gilbert: The Importance of Electricity

    Unless you are using gas for your water heater and stove, most homes these days run on electricity. Lights, electronics, computers, hair dryers, cell phone chargers, the list goes on. But, like almost everything else in our homes, electrical wiring can get old and faulty. Unlike many other problems, however, faulty electrical fixtures are a major hazard and should be dealt with by a professional electrician in Gilbert before someone gets seriously hurt. You may be able to do some basic electrical troubleshooting, but do not be tempted to try to fix the problem yourself.

    Some common household electrical problems show clear signs of trouble. Fortunately, most electrical problems show warning signs long before they become a major hazard. It is up to you to keep an eye on your home and to make sure that you address any electrical issues quickly. Where it is possible for you to do some basic electrical troubleshooting make sure that you do so safely. It may help if you can eliminate a few options for your professional electrician, but do not attempt to actually fix the problem.

    What About Circuit Breaker Trouble

    What about circuit breaker trouble? Circuit breakers are there to do exactly that – break circuits. The idea is to detect an overload and stop the flow of electricity so that overheating and an electrical fire does not get started. Circuit breakers can get old and start to trip for no apparent reason. If the tripping happens on occasion, then it may be due to overload. If it happens frequently then the breaker could be old. There is no real way to be sure which problem you have. That’s why electrical troubleshooting is best left to professionals.

    Mild electrical shocks are a sign of a problem too. Sometimes, when you touch an appliance, you will feel a mild shock or even just a strange tingling in your hand. This usually indicates a problem with the wiring or the grounding of the appliance. This is definitely a problem that needs immediate attention from an electrician. Do not try to troubleshoot this yourself. There is a good chance of your getting electrocuted if you start delving into the wiring behind the appliance looking for the problem.

    Stay safe.  Call a residential electrician in Gilbert today.

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