• A professional residential electrician contractor knows how to obtain the right permits from your local building authority and have his or her work checked by a public inspector to make sure it is properly done, safe and up to code. Mentioning that you have a permit you are selling your home will considerably increase the value of your property.

    Call Your Electrical Contractor for Wiring Changes | (480) 926-1033

    Call Your Electrical Contractor for Wiring Changes | (480) 926-1033

    Licensed Electricians Have Liability Insurance To Protect You When Things Go Wrong

    Accidents, injuries and even theft can happen during an electrical project in your home. I guess, you would not want to be the one to pay the medical bills of the contractor who is injured on the job, or the repair costs in case your property is accidentally damaged in the process.

    It is therefore very important that you hire a licensed electrician to ensure you are not liable for such damages. These professionals have adequate liability insurance to protect you from financial responsibility in the event that something goes wrong while they are on your property.

    Surety Bond

    As we covered previously, because working with electricity is very dangerous, the State government has put in place strict safety regulations and building codes that must be followed when doing any electrical jobs in both residential and commercial areas.  Licensed electrical contractors are also required to place a surety bond that guarantees you a specific amount of money in case a contractor is not able to complete the assigned job. This is clearly a win-win situation for you because it ensures the job is done to your satisfaction, or else you get proper compensation for the inconvenience caused. However, you will only enjoy this kind of service if you hire a professional electrician.

    Licensed Electrical Contractors Know The Latest Technologies And Safety Practices

    Lastly, licensed electrical contractors are required to attend regular electrical courses to keep themselves up to date with the latest safety practices and technologies. This puts them in a better position to handle a wide range of electrical issues with ease unlike handy men who work through trial and error.

    All in all, handling electricity is very dangerous and should not be attempted without proper training, knowledge, experience and tools. Stay safe by hiring a professional electrician today to handle all your home electrical projects.


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