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  • Whether you want to install a ceiling fan or buy a box fan, your electrician can help you.

    Install a Ceiling Fan Only With The Help of an Electrician Contractor

    Your Electrician in Chandler Can Help You Install a Ceiling Fan | 480-926-1033

    Your Electrician in Chandler Can Help You Install a Ceiling Fan | 480-926-1033

    As we covered previously, though many people attempt to install their ceiling fans themselves, it is recommended that a residential electrician install your ceiling fan instead, especially those with light fixtures and dimmer/fan-speed switches.

    It is a relatively simple process for a residential electrician contractor.  Here’s a typical installation process.  First, your electrician is going to shut off power to the room that you wish to install the ceiling fan in.  Next, a hole is drilled in the ceiling, obviously.  The base of the ceiling fan is put in the hole and the wiring is exposed.

    An electrician contractor will know exactly how to connect your ceiling fan so that there are no shorts, or exposed wires.  And surprisingly, it’s not just ceiling fan installation that he can help you with.  Did you know he can help you install a permanent box fan as well?

    More Ways Your Residential Electrician Can Help

    Your residential electrician can help you in a lot of ways. One way is to install a box fan in a permanent location. First off, if you have a larger home, a box fan installed in a screened in window will help to keep dust, debris, and insects out, while at the same time, if facing outward, will help to remove the hot air from the room. Some box fans are simple and only require minimal installation, and they only need a wall outlet. Others are more high end and are permanent fixtures. Whatever type of fan you choose, know that you’re making a very wise decision.

    Fans help to reduce your cooling bill. As they circulate the air around a room, your air conditioning has less work to do, so it won’t turn on and off as much. This will help you to reduce your electric bill, and during the summer months in Arizona, this is obviously welcome. If you have a mobile box fan, here’s a trick to help to cool your rooms down. Instead of oscillating your fan, point it specifically towards your air conditioning vent. This will help the cool to dissipate throughout the room quickly and reduce your room’s temperature.

    So remember, with your home, it is all about the choices you make. One choice is to be smart with electrical projects. Call a residential electrician in Chandler today.

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