• Ceiling fan installation is a task you should leave to your residential electrician.  Why?  Because so much can go wrong.

    Why You Should Install a Ceiling Fan

    Your Residential Electrician in Chandler | 480-926-1033

    Your Residential Electrician in Chandler | 480-926-1033

    Why should you install a ceiling fan? Ceiling fans are an economic and environmentally friendly way to cool a home and circulate air rather than using just your A/C. Ceiling fans are just one example of a fan used for your home as a supporting system for your air conditioning.

    There are two main kinds of fans for home use, ceiling fans and box fans. To decide which kind of fan is right for a given situation it is important to know the pluses and minuses of both types of fans. Let’s start with ceiling fans.

    Ceiling Fans

    Ceiling fans are permanent fixtures that can be installed to circulate air and cool a whole room with rotation from above. Since they are hard-wired into the electrical system they should be installed by a certified residential electrician in Chandler. Ceiling fans are rather diverse, and come in a wide range of prices, types, and with a range of features too.

    For example, some fans come with light fixtures, and even remote control. One thing that is interesting about ceiling fans is that if you set them to turn counter clockwise during the summer, they will more efficiently disperse warmer air from a roof. When in doubt which ceiling fan to pick, call your residential electrician.  But what about fans that you can move around.  That’s where box fans come in.

    Installing a Ceiling Fan Vs. Buying a Box Fan

    Box fans, like ceiling fans, have both advantages and disadvantages.  Box fans offer portability and can be moved from one area of the home to another to provide focused cooling and airflow as needed.

    They can be installed in a window to bring in cooler air from outside on lower stories, especially on windward sides of the home. Since heat rises, another tactic to cool a home with box fans is to install them facing-out in windows on top floors. This blows the room’s accumulated hot air outside. Box fans don’t need installation by a residential electrician. They are also cheaper than ceiling fans, and are portable and easily directed at a desired area.  Sounds great?

    Not so fast.  First off,while box fans are portable, unless you angle them right or turn them up higher, they will only blow air in one direction, leaving the rest of the room at a static temperature.

    Your best bet for questions about which fan to go with?  Call a residential electrician in Chandler.

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