• The True Value of Electrician Contractors and the Benefits of Hiring Them

    It is always better to hire an electrician contractor in Gilbert than trying to do it yourself.

    Electrician Contractors Don’t Have a Learning Curve

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    Electrician in Gilbert| Call Us Today | 480-926-1033

    Want a reason?  Electrician contractors don’t have a learning curve, for one.  And you almost certainly will have one to deal with.  Let’s say you have cable or satellite,  and you’re watching a home improvement show.  You see a host that rewires a bedroom to be a home office, and you say “Wow! I could do that.”

    You DVR the show, and watch it a couple of times, then take notes. You go to the home improvement store, or your hardware store and you walk to the electrical aisle, your head held high and you sail by the clerk who offers help.  After all you know what you’re doing.  You buy some wire, some tools and you start on your project,and it works.  Who needs an electrician in Gilbert if you can do it on your own, right?  Well, not quite.  For you see there was something that you didn’t know.

    Electrician Contractors and What You Don’t Know

    Your home was built in the 1970’s.  As such, it was made with materials that were designed to save money, and one of those materials was aluminum wiring.  So what’s the problem?  Nothing at all, except that when you bought the wiring at the hardware store or home improvement center, you bought copper wiring.  So while both wiring types will conduct electricity, you’ve unknowingly set the timer on a time bomb that could go off at any time you flick a switch to turn a ceiling fan or light fixture on.

    Why?  Well, aluminum and copper have a chemical reaction that can lead to an electrical arc, an electrical fire, or both.  However, there is another mistake that you have made.  For one, you wanted to save money.  So you bought some cheaper grade network cabling.  Now all of a sudden, your computer and printer aren’t talking to each other.  So you end up a potentially dangerous home office and one that doesn’t work like it should.  So guess what? You’ll have to call in a residential electrician contractor in Gilbert to correct all the problems before something either shuts down or worse causes an electrical fire.

    So remember, there is a big time learning curve with doing any home improvement project, but especially wiring projects.  So don’t take any chances.  Call a residential electrician instead.

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