• Ceiling Fan Installation and What You Should Know (Contd.)

    There is a lot more to installing a ceiling fan in Phoenix. You would do better to call an electrician.

    As we covered previously, there are many documented accidents involving installation of a ceiling fan, either because of homeowners unfamiliar with wiring, or the ceiling fan falls on them while they’re installing it.  Many homeowners don’t how much weight a ceiling can bear. So what do they do?  They just install the ceiling fan and hope for the best, of course.

    As your electrician in Phoenix, we can say this is a very bad idea.  An electrician can help tell a homeowner how big a fan should be to keep the ceiling from bearing too much weight.
    Also, the electrician understands the special type of ceiling fan bracket as well as wiring box that must be used to keep the ceiling fan in place.

    Your Electrician in Phoenix Can Help You Install a Ceiling Fan | 480-926-1033

    Your Electrician in Phoenix Can Help You Install a Ceiling Fan | 480-926-1033


    What Happens When You Install a Ceiling Fan Yourself?

    When homeowners do try to install ceiling fans by themselves, the fans are often not properly installed and start to wobble. If a fan wobbles, then a homeowner needs to call an electrician immediately. Why?  Well, it means that your fan blades are either not properly aligned or correctly fastened.  As a result of this, sooner or later you run the risk of either messing up your fan’s motor, or having the blades come off.  Consider the danger of what we’re saying here.

    The Dangers of Improper Ceiling Fan Installation

    Even at a relatively low amount of RPM, a ceiling fan spins with a great deal of force.  Think about that.  Your fan blades are on the outside of the fan rotor.  Fan blades are under the brunt of centrifugal  force.  A ceiling fan is essentially a lower RPM propeller for all intents and purposes.  When fan blades are attached properly, this isn’t an issue.  However, if they are loose, sooner or later a fan blade can come off.  It might not fly off dramatically, though if that happened it would be potentially dangerous, but it can dangle and cause damage as it spins.   Good reason to contact an electrician don’t you think?

    Because an electrician comes across this situation a lot, he or she understands it is necessary to make sure the fan blades are both aligned and correctly fastened. An experienced electrician will be able to check blade alignment by gently guiding each blade into its proper position. Electricians also have tools to help correct improper installations. Since most people are not comfortable working with electricity, especially when it comes to installing new wiring to a power source, as well as cutting and possibly constructing electrical box mounts, using an electrician in Phoenix is better.

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