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    Home Hiring a Residential Electrician in Phoenix: The Insider's Guide (Continued)
  • Hiring a residential electrician makes sense for a lot of reasons, from electrical repairs to upgrading your wiring.

    Call a Residential Electrician in Phoenix for Wiring Upgrades | (480) 926-1033

    Call a Residential Electrician in Phoenix for Wiring Upgrades | (480) 926-1033

    You Have a Lot of Tech:  Get an Electrical Box Upgrade

    As we covered previously, there is an issue of safety where power panel upgrades are concerned.  There is also the importance of having your electrical box upgraded.  Regardless where your electrical box is located, either inside or outside, what you need to realize is that the wiring and electrical panel in older homes was designed for much lower loads.

    Ten, twenty years ago, most homes had a refrigerator, a TV, a washer/dryer, water heater and a couple of other electrical appliances.  Thirty or more years ago, there weren’t microwaves, or home computers as a rule.  Now, however, there are plethora of devices.  Plasma TVs, high end stereos, home theaters, home networks, coffee makers, game systems, and more and more demand for electricity.  All of which means that you might want to upgrade your power panel as well as your electrical box.  Both of these simple fixes can help you to be safe from being an electrical injury statistic or someone who has to be on the phone explaining to their insurance company about what caused an electrical fire to happen in their home.

    Upgrading Your Wiring with the Help of an Electrician Contractor

    If you have an older home, it can’t be emphasized enough to have your electrical boxes updated by an electrician contractor.  If you have a fuse box, then this is a must. A fuse box indicates that you wiring is over five decades old and is not only an insurance nightmare, it is a fire hazard that will get you into trouble with city building codes, particularly those concerned with wiring, obviously. Installing a new power box  isn’t a home improvement that you will probably show off to your friends, like a new chandelier or a home theater system, this is much more behind the scenes.

    However, this home improvement will keep that several thousand dollar home theater of yours running smoothly as well as your new clothes dryer in rocket ship red.  It will also keep you and your family safe from the dangers of electrical injury or fire.  One thing you definitely want to do regarding these sort of upgrades, however, is to call a residential electrician in Phoenix to help you.

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