• Hiring a residential electrician in Phoenix is a good idea for any electrical projects you might wish to do, such as power panel upgrades.

    Call a Residential Electrician in Phoenix for all Wiring or Electrical Upgrades | (480) 926-1033

    Call a Residential Electrician in Phoenix for all Wiring or Electrical Upgrades | (480) 926-1033

    What is a Power Panel Upgrade?

    Your power panel is the box in your home that has all the switches and breakers in it, and it’s also the place where your electrical box connects.  Your electrical box is the spot where electricity from the  connects to your home. From here your power panel distributes electricity as needed to each room in your home.  As  to why you might want to get either a power panel upgrade and/or replace your electrical box, it might be past time, particularly if the wiring in your home is older.

    While a lot people know how to flip a breaker back on, most people are oblivious to the age of the wiring in their homes, current regulations, and scary potential of losing your home to an electrical fire due to an older power panel in need of an upgrade.

    If Your Home Is More Than 15 Years Old  It’s Time To Call a Residential Electrican

    Homes that are are older than a decade are more prone to electrical fires simply because wires degrade over time, and in some cases the wires are just old.  A lot of insurance carriers won’t even insure your home if they have evidence that the wiring is too old.   As to why insurance is so harsh regarding older wiring is that a home inspector can’t get into your walls to determine your wiring, however the presence of 2-pronged outlets rather than 3-pronged is a definitive sign the wiring is very old, and in desperate need of an electrical upgrade.

    Newer regulations require that a home electrical box has to be on the outside of the home.   This regulation is in place in the event of a fire.  When fire fighters arrive at a home that is on fire, they can quickly shut off all the electricity to the house.

    As to what this means for you, most people keep their homes a while in fact the average age of home across the country is over 40 years old. While Phoenix is a relatively young city in terms of development, there are dozens of neighborhoods with homes older than twenty years.  which means a great many of them  need electrical upgrades.

    That’s where a residential electrician in Phoenix comes in.  You want to only hire a licensed and professional contractor or you could not only find yourself in danger, but in trouble with the law as well.

    So take no chances.  Don’t become an electrical injury statistic or one of the hundreds who suffer from an electrical fire.  Call a residential electrician in Phoenix instead.

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