• Every home needs some sort of work done sooner or later, including electrical upgrades and repairs.

    An  Electrician is your Go to Guy for Home Improvements | 480-926-1033

    Am Electrician is your Go to Guy for Home Improvements | 480-926-1033

    Is it Time to Upgrade Your Power Panels?

    Electrical power panels supply your home the electricity needed on a daily basis. However, you might need to upgrade your electrical service panels so that you can supply your house electricity properly. Problems with the panels can cause blown fuses, flickering lights and many other issues. Hiring an electrician contractor just makes sense as this job is really complicated. An electrician will help you deal with your problem, for instance, when the electricity system is malfunctioning or you are adding additional living space.

    Adding More Outlets

    An electrician contractor in Mesa can install as many outlets as you want or convert the existing outlets to GFCIs. You might need to install at least one GFCI outlet at home, as these kinds of outlets will shut power off if electricity in your home comes in contact with water or if there is a power unbalanced, so avoiding a shock. The problem is that many old homes lack these outlets, so these homes need an outdoor GFCI outlet as soon as possible. If you want to avoid a fire or lose of power, hire an electrician to install a GFCI outlet outside or inside your home. Since installing new outlets requires cutting into walls and replacing some wiring, avoid doing this task by yourself.

    Your electrician can also install outlets in additional USB ports, and this will allow you to have more charging space for your electronics.

    Outdoor Lighting

    If need to install thread wiring outdoors so that you can install some security or ambient lighting, hire an electrician to do the job. An electrician can also help you choose the best lighting to withstand the elements. Since wiring should be properly grounded, an electrician will make sure the job is properly done.

    Replacing Light Fixtures

    There are electric tasks that homeowners can do without hiring a professional electrician. However, there are certain instances where hiring a qualified and licensed electrician just makes sense. Check the wattage of the fixture and the amperage of the circuit. If the latter is higher than the former, you will need another wire run from any circuit breaker. This complicated task requires that you hire an electrician  as soon as possible. Your  electrician in Mesa will make sure your ceiling mounting will support the fixture, and be there for you for so many other electrical repairs.

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