• A residential electrician in Tempe is someone that you want to have on speed dial.  Are you building or remodeling your home? Do you need emergency electrical repairs? Perhaps you want to upgrade the wiring system in your home. Whichever the case, you need someone who knows their way around power.

    Replace Your Swimming Pool Lighting in Tempe | (480) 926-1033

    Replace Your Swimming Pool Lighting in Tempe | (480) 926-1033

    What a Residential Electrician in Tempe Does

    What does a residential electrician do?  He will install, maintain and upgrade electrical equipment in houses and apartments. He basically does electrical work in homes. This ranges from minor tasks like fan installation or upgrading electrical outlets with USB ports to major jobs such as breaker box replacement and home rewiring. Even outdoor landscape lighting installation is part of a residential electrician’s job description. They also inspect your home’s electrical system, looking for problematic areas, areas that are a ticking time bomb, and future trouble spots.

    Truth be told, the basics of electrical work have barely changed in the past few decades. The core technology remains the same. However, the homeowners and electrician alike face the concept of advancing technology gadgetry that creates a heavier demand on electrical loads. It also opens up new opportunities for major upgrades like home automation.

    Why Home Electrical Repairs and Upgrades are not DIY Jobs

    Sometimes that electrical repair may seem so easy that you can do it yourself (DIY). Perhaps you live in a remote place, or it may be an emergency and your residential electrician is not immediately available. Look at some jobs for other examples.  If you want to replace your swimming pool lights, it’s potentially dangerous.  You may be thinking- why not download some YouTube videos and rush to the local hardware store for supplies? That’s a grave error. Electricity is a dangerous phenomenon, plain and simple. But because we’ve got so used to it, we forget to treat it with respect-after all, you control the whole lighting system of your home with a few switches. Repairs can’t be that hard, can they? Yes, they can, and inherently so. You either do the job perfectly, or end up transforming your home into a hazard. You can easily get in over your head, cause costly damage and run afoul of local or state electrical code and regulations.

    It is entirely possible that if you connect the wrong wires, you can take out the electricity in your neighborhood.  If the city determines if is your project that caused the problem, it will be a lot of trouble for you.  So take no chances.  Call a residential electrician in Tempe today.

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