• Hire a Chandler electrician to protect your home and your life.

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    Continuing from our previous list, here are more reasons to hire an electrician in Chandler.

    Protect Your Life and Property: Call an Electrician

    3. Protect your property value

    Whereas a qualified contractor is familiar with the federal, state and local regulations governing how certain systems should be installed, an unqualified crook will carry out simple wiring tasks incorrectly. This way, even though the actual problem was fixed, the way in which it was fixed is still wrong. Furthermore, there are building codes that are mandated entirely for your safety. Not being up to code may not affect you now, but it will in the future when you try to resell your home.

    4. Save time

    Once the poorly done electrical wiring starts to malfunction, and it certainly will sooner than you imagine, you’ll have to go through the process of calling the original installer who may or may not be available at the time. After all, you don’t set up shop in a town where 80% of your customers are always complaining, do you? In worse scenarios, the malfunction maybe more complex than an electrical wiring, it could be an electric fire that razed down your home leading to taxing legal proceedings. In a parallel universe however, you could have called a licensed contractor, had the problem fixed and there would have been no need for a follow-up in the proceeding weeks because the job would have been done right in the first place.

    Electrical Upgrades:  Welcome to the Future

    5. Improve energy efficiency in your home

    The electrical industry is always developing new technologies to help you save on energy consumption, reduce risks and generally improve convenience. These new technologies include measuring tools, devices that allow control of outlets from a mobile device or the internet and more efficient light fixtures. By hiring a qualified electrician, you get to benefit from the efficiency of their state-of-the-art tools not to mention the convenience that the above mentioned technology will introduce to your life.

    From the above list, it is quite clear that much damage can be done by taking the risk to hire an unqualified electrician or worse yet deciding to undertake the task on your own. When interviewing an electrician always ensure that you ask to see a copy of their state license as well as proof of insurance (make sure that both are current). Don’t expose your family and property to risks, call a qualified electrician in Chandler, AZ.

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