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  • Hiring a commercial electrician instead of a residential one is important where your business is concerned.


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    Commercial Electricians:  Avoiding Disaster

    If you have a business, you’re probably thinking of ways to improve your profit margin.  One way that most businesses accomplish this is by cutting corners.  However, where electrical work is concerned, you never want to cut corners here.  The results can be well nigh catastrophic, particularly if you don’t call a licensed commercial electrician.  Let’s look at one of our customers for example.

    Barbara opened up a new hair salon awhile back.  We’d love to tell you that the problem happened on her opening day, and that we came in to save the day, however, the story is a bit more complicated than that.  Barbara’s son in law runs a handyman business, and does know a bit about electrical wiring.  However, what he didn’t know almost closed  the salon’s doors forever.
    It all started simply.  Barbara wanted to put in track lighting.  So she called her son in law.  She figured she’d save some money by keeping it in the family.  Her son in law connected everything correctly.  Well, almost.  What he didn’t realize is that the circuit was shared by the business next door to Barbara, which was a dry cleaner.  Barbara threw the switch, and because it overloaded the circuit, it caused the lights to go out in the dry cleaner.    We were able to fix it, and there wasn’t too much trouble with the dry cleaner, but Barbara could have been in a lot of hot water. But how do you find a commercial electrician?

    Where to Look for Commercial Electricians

    Electricians therefore can be a true lifesaver for people looking for instant electrical repair work. Locating the nearest professional electrician can however be cumbersome. There are ways that these can be done, which are;


    Other than being a fun way to look for electricians, it also gives you the instant access to several listings and resources which gives help with comparisons. You also check out the work experiences of the electricians through the works they have done in the past.

    Classifieds and Yellow pages.

    Gaining access to the local classifieds is also another great way of searching for electricians. This enables you to acquire details related to the contact information and specific rankings. The listings come in handy in narrowing down to referrals around your neighborhood.

    A quick tip: just because the commercial electrician next door has not been listed on the yellow pages or the internet doesn’t eliminate him from being considered.

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