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  • Here are some more tips to hire an electrical contractor

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    Hiring an Electrical Contractor: Follow These Steps Too

    As we covered previously, it’s a good idea to follow a set of instructions before you get an electrician in to do any sort of work.

    Schedule a meeting to get estimates from your electrician in Phoenix. If your references checked out, schedule to meet the contractor. Find out if the estimate is free, and be aware of any costs up front. Request that the contractor bring proof of any insurance and bonding to make sure you are not responsible for damages or injuries on your property. Ask them for proof of their license or any certifications. A lot of contractors hire people to work under them, so find out if the estimator will be the one doing the work or if they will hire a crew. Get your estimate in writing. It will need to include all costs, including labor and parts. Do not sign anything until you have met with at least 3 contractors and made a decision on who to hire. Before making your selection, read the entire contract in full. Make sure you understand everything it details, and that you have an itemized list of all costs.

    Along with following these tips, be sure to ask the electrician contractor for any type of warranty they may offer for the labor and parts. A decent contractor will have no issues with providing a warranty, even if it is for a certain time frame. Ask if extended warranties apply.  However, it isn’t just warranties and who is going to be doing the work.

    Experienced Electrician Wanted:  Apply Within

    Does the electrician you’re looking at have experience?  If so, how much does he have?  More than a year you hope?  The more experienced your electrician is, the likelihood of any sort of electrical injury or accident decreases dramatically.  This can literally mean the difference between life and death, and not just your electrician’s life, what about yours and your family.

    Electrical injuries are one of the most numerous types of household accidents around.  There are several thousand of them a year.  You probably do not want to be a statistic somewhere.  So remember, you want someone with experience, who is licensed, and who has a good reputation in your community.  That way you know you have the right electrician contractor.

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