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    Need a Commerical Electrician in Phoenix? Call Us (480) 926-1033

    Here is some more information on how to choose a commercial electrician.

    Ask Around to Find a Commercial Electrician

    Asking around is one of the best ways to find a commercial electrician. If you’re a business owner, you probably network with other business owners.  Sooner or later one of them probably had to call a contractor in to fix something at their business.  There are two types of recommendations where electricians are concerned:  ones to avoid, and ones to go with.

    If you’re talking to a fellow business owner and they tell you to avoid calling someone in, they probably have a very good reason.  For example, if the commercial electrician that they called in not only messed up the project they caused real damage, not only is that contractor one you should stay away from, they are likely going to have complaints filed with the state.  Good places to also check up on a commercial electrician is to call the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, or the overseeing body in your state. Most states have some sort of board that oversees electricians and other contractors, and often have places where people can file complaints.  Another place to find information of this sort on a commercial electrician is your local Better Business Bureau. However, it isn’t just negative press you want to look over when you’re looking to hire an electrician, look for positive reviews as well.

    Reviews and Local Electricians

    Review sites can give you a lot of really good information about a commercial electrician.  Site such as Yelp, Dexknows, Yellow Pages, and Google Plus are great places to look for reviews as well.  Look at reviews with an open mind though.  Universally glowing reviews aren’t entirely trustworthy.  After all, it is very easy to review a site, all one needs is an email account, and there are services out there that businesses can hire to give them good PR and great reviews.  Ultimately, however, trust your gut feelings.  If something about an electrician doesn’t ring true, then by no means should you hire them.  Another thing you have to consider is that you want to hire an electrician that can do commercial work, or you may be adding to  your expense.

    Sometimes, electrical wiring has different capacities in commercial projects than it does in residential ones.  You want someone who knows the ins and outs of commercial wiring, and that someone is a commercial electrician in Phoenix.

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