• Electrical contractors have a huge role to play in adding convenience to our daily life: Electricity.

    Call Your Electrician for Wiring Changes | (480) 926-1033

    Call Your Electrician for Wiring Changes | (480) 926-1033

    What Electrical Contractors in Phoenix Can Do

    While electricity is a wonderful modern convenience, if there are problems with your wiring, it  can lead to many more issues. That’s why calling an electrical contractor is always a good idea.  They always have a lot to do from wiring installation to power panel upgrades and so much more. By no means should you try to work on your electricity by yourself.  Why?

    Well, electrical work can be difficult as well as potentially life-threatening.  It’s estimated that the average American home has a whopping two miles of cable in it! Things can certainly go wrong in the event someone with little to no experience tries to take the wiring into their own hands. What’s the biggest danger where wiring is concerned?  Someone who watches do it yourself shows.

    Everyone wants a dream home.  They want their  homes to be aesthetically beautiful, they want security and comfort. They see a home improvement show and think that all they need to put in some accent lighting is a bit of wire, an imported Italian electric wall sconce, and voila, they have light.  Oh that can happen, but what’s the worst that could happen?

    Electrical Problems:  Fire and Injury

    Electrical problems can manifest in a lot of different ways.  You could flip the switch and nothing happens.  That’s usually easy.  That usually means that you have a loose wire in the fixture.  But you could flip the switch and the next thing you know, your breaker trips out back.  That means you’re overloading a circuit.  But that, while annoying is not the worst thing that can happen, as we have discussed in our article series on electrical safety.  To sum up, you could run the risk of electrical injury including burns, or a fatal electrical shock or electrocution.  You could also cause an electrical fire.

    So, sometimes, electrical projects aren’t as simple as you might think.  Sometimes, there are a lot more factors involved in them.  For example, if you pick the wrong type of wire, and connect it to  your existing wiring, you may cause a chemical reaction.  Aluminum and copper wire cannot be mixed together or they can ignite.  This happened a lot in the 70’s and 80’s.

    So be careful.  Know when  you can do something, and when you’re in over your head.  And call an electrician contractor in Ahwatukee for any wiring projects.

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