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  • Your residential electrician in Phoenix can also help in a surprising way: to keep your kids, and you, safe.

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    Residential Electricians and Electrical Safety

    Mixing children and electricity together is a disaster waiting to happen.  That’s why it’s a good idea to have a residential electrician in Phoenix inspect your home’s wiring at least once every decade. It isn’t just frayed wires that you have to watch around your kids; a residential electrician can also keep your kids safe by helping to childproof your home.

    Childproofing outlets is a great idea if you have kids. Plastic plugs, for example, are ineffective and can be a choking hazard. In addition, a lot of the tamper proof outlets do not completely seal the opening. This means that a child could still put a stick pin into the socket. A residential electrician can help the parents choose the protection that is best for their family and install them.

    Children are especially vulnerable where electricity is concerned. They often don’t understand the dangers of electricity. Since they’re smaller and have thinner skin an electrical shock that would be dangerous to an adult could be fatal to a kid.  That’s where a residential electrician contractor comes in.

    A residential electrician can inspect is the condition of cords and wires used in the home and can recommend strategies to fix them.  For example in high traffic areas, the cords can be put under non-conductive wire guides. Another danger with kids is too many extension cords.  They can be a fire hazard.  If necessary, it would be a good idea to install extra outlets.

    More Electrical Safety Tips

    GFCIs, or ground-fault circuit interrupters, are another safety feature that a residential electrician can install.  If there is a dangerous change in the current, these outlets will shut it down.  They’re required equipment in new homes.  Installing a smoke alarm may not seem relate to electrical safety, however, it can keep you and your family safe. However, ultimately electrical safety is something that you as a parent have to teach your children.  Teach them at an early age to be careful around electricity and reinforce your lessons all the time.  That way your kids don’t end up being a statistic somewhere.

    So remember, electrical professionals aren’t just someone who can install things.  They can also be your first line of defense where electrical safety is concerned.

    In addition to your children, you want to keep your family safe from fire and intruders

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