• Here are some helpful tips about living room lighting from  your electrician in Phoenix.

    Install Light Fixtures | (602) 753-0411

    Install Light Fixtures | (602) 753-0411

    Living Room Lighting 101

    People spend a lot of time in their living room.  So you want to choose your lighting sources carefully, and have your residential electrician in Phoenix wire it all up. The right lighting can have a dramatic effect on your living room. It is as important if not more so than the color of paint that you pick.  With properly placed lighting it can make your living room look larger if you have a small space, or more intimate if you have larger space to work with. Layered lighting for example is a great idea.

    What is layered lighting? Well, each room has three layers: ceiling, walls, and floors. Overhead light fixtures can illuminate the entire room easily. For direct lighting, use table lamps and floor lamps. These are useful for reading or any other activity that needs a light source nearby. Alcove lighting or accent lighting is usually at wall level and is used to draw attention to something. A good thing to realize with lighting is that it should reflect your needs as well as what the design of the room needs to reflect your wishes.

    Overhead light fixtures near a flat panel TV aren’t a good idea as it will reflect off your television and detract from the picture itself. A good trick is use floor level accent lighting that illuminates the wall behind the television, particularly if you install a dimmer switch. That way you can dim the lights and have a proper home theater system. A good thing to remember about living room lights is that you want an electrician to wire it. If you have an older home, your wiring is probably starting to get a bit brittle. You also want to make sure that you don’t mix and match incompatible wiring together, such as copper and aluminum.

    A Residential Electrician Contractor is Your Go To Guy

    If you’re doming home improvement projects, some of them don’t require an electrician.  If you’re going to paint your living room, you need a painter.  New plumbing for the bathroom?  A plumber of course.  However, when it is time to do any sort of wiring, such as rewiring your living room, then you need to call a residential electrician in Phoenix.

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