• Electrical wiring involves hiring the right person for the job. First off, you want to go with someone local whenever you have a home improvement project.

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    Hiring an Electrician in Ahwatukee: Why Local Pros Matter

    If you’re looking to hire an electrician in Ahwatukee, it’s best to go with someone local. First off, if you hire a locally owned business, more money stays in Arizona, which in turn makes the state more prosperous. Dodge Electric is a locally based business that proudly serves the Ahwatukee area as well as the greater Phoenix area. Ahwatukee is in the southeast corner of the valley bordering Chandler, Tempe, and Phoenix. Dodge Electric has a staff of professional electricians. We can do any wiring you need, and at competitive rates, and most importantly of all, we’re licensed.

    What difference does a license make? Well, without one, you run the risk of someone who doesn’t know what he is doing that may cause a problem with your wiring. In fact that is one of our biggest sources for new business. It usually happens something like this. Our customer calls someone that isn’t licensed in an attempt to save money. The ‘professional’ does something not only wrong, but very wrong, such as mixing aluminum and copper wire together or mixing the wrong gauge of wire. There’s some damage, and then we have to fix it. So what started out as a simple repair job for the customer ended up being more expensive in the long run. Another reason to go with a pro, is that with them being in the industry, they’re also more aware of new technologies to help your home be not only wired but wired safely.

    Electrical Wiring

    It’s just wire, how tough could it be? Well, first off, what gauge of wire are you working with? Do you need a GCFI installed or not? What type of wire do you need for your job? Do you need home network wiring? How about a dimmer switch? Will a dimmer switch work with a CFL bulb? Questions like these can turn your project into a boondoggle, not a triumph. The right Ahwatukee electrician can literally make the world of difference. And what’s more we’re big on electrical safety.

    So remember, some jobs require a professional. If you want work done on your car, you call a mechanic. You want someone to work on your teeth. And for wiring? You call an electrician in Ahwatukee.

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