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  • Part two of our series on home network installation explores the concept of resource sharing.

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    Custom Home Network Wiring | Call Us Today | 480-926-1033

    Why Installing a Home Network Makes Sense

    In our last article we covered some of the benefits of a network.  Improved signal for your mobile phones and handheld devices such as tablet PCs is one big benefit.  However, the benefit that is even more useful is the concept of resource sharing.  Computer networks developed in the business world and public sector because it helps to keep costs down.  Instead of everyone having a printer, have people share printers as resources on the network.  It also allows for sharing of a resource such as high speed Internet connection.

    Take a fairly big family for example: a mother, father, and four kids.  All of the kids need access to the Internet for homework, Facebook, and every other thing out there from social media to email.  The mother works from home with her web design company, and the father sometimes telecommutes.  If the Internet connection is only on one computer, however, there are only two options available to them. One option is to spend an exhausting amount of time preparing a schedule that sooner or later someone is going to go over their time on.  There will be bickering and fighting as a result.  The other option is to share the internet connection.  And the best way to do this is to install a home network.  As long as your connection is fairly high-capacity, you wouldn’t even need to worry about crimping your bandwidth.  However, an Internet connection is just one resource to be shared.

    Home Networks and Printing

    Using the example we provided above, buying everyone in the house a printer is expensive. Even if you go cheap and get low-end inkjets, buying that many printers will cause you to lose money in the long run. Why? Well, every single one of them is going to need paper and print cartridges. However, if you have a printer for the home office, and a printer for the kids, then you can share the resources throughout the home. There is another benefit that is not tied to resource sharing for installing a home network, which we will cover in the next article: having a smart home.

    So remember, you want to make your home tech-savvy.  It will help you get the latest streaming media such as your favorite TV shows, and allow you to access the Internet.  And to have a tech-savvy home, you need to arrange for home network installation today.

    Fore more information on installing a home network, be sure to read part one of this series too.

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