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  • Hiring an electrician in Ahwatukee helps to make those home improvements a lot easier.

    Ahwatukee and the Right Electrical Contractor

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    Hiring a professional electrical contractor in Ahwatukee is based an a combination of skill, whether or not they’re licensed, and their reputation. Ahwatukee according to this article excerpt from WIKIPEDIA: “Ahwatukee is a triangular shaped urban village of the City of Phoenix, Arizona bordered on the north by South Mountain Park and Guadalupe Road, on the east by Interstate 10 and the cities of Chandler, Guadalupe, and Tempe, and on the south and west by the Gila River Indian Community. It is the southernmost of the city’s 15 urban villages. As of 2010, the 35.8 square-mile (92.7 km²) neighborhood has a population of 77,249. Although annexed by the city of Phoenix between 1978 and 1987, before substantial residential growth, many of Ahwatukee’s residents do not strongly associate their region with the rest of the city, due in part to its geographic isolation (South Mountain and South Mountain Park separate Ahwatukee from the other 14 urban villages of Phoenix, which lie to the north). Legend has it that in 1921, Dr. and Mrs. W.V.B. Ames built a house on approximately 2,000 acres (810 ha) on the southeast side of South Mountain. They gave the area its original Spanish name, Casa de Sueños, which in English means “House of Dreams”. Dr. Ames died within just three months of moving into the house, and after Mrs. Ames’ death, in 1933, the house and most of the land was willed to St. Luke’s Hospital.In 1935, the house and land was bought by Miss Helen Brinton, who appeared to have retranslated the name of the house to the Crow word which now serves as the name of the village.[READ MORE]

    Where does an electrician come in?  Well, obviously, each of these homes and business has to have electricity, and with electricity, comes the need for an Ahwatukee electrician.

    Jobs that an Electrician Can Do

    Need a new power panel or a dryer plug?  Call an electrician.  Need to install a ceiling fan?  Again, your electrician should be the person you call.  Why?  Well, for one, safety.  Electrical injuries and accidents cost a lot every year, and affect thousands of people in the US.  An electrician will be trained and knows not only how to install anything electrical, he can do it safely as well.

    So remember, if you want to repair something electrical or install something new, it can be dangerous to do it on your own.  Your best bet?  Call in an electrician in Ahwatukee today.

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