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  • Part one of a series on accent lighting explores how to pick the right fixutres

    Picking the Right Fixtures for Accent Lighting

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    A common mistake people make when installing accent lights  is to get the wrong fixtures for either outdoor or indoor projects.  A lot of people get misty-eyed over English carriage lights only to be floored when they realize that they look a bit ridiculous with pink Santa Fe stucco.  Pick the right fixtures for your home design

    If your home is decorated Art Deco, you don’t want to install rustic lighting.  On the other end, if you’ve decorated with a western motif, a chrome light fixture would look kind of silly.  When in doubt, use recessed lighting, or hidden showcase lighting.

    Accent Lighting and Recessed Light Fixtures

    Let’s say you want to add some depth to your room.  One way to do it is to install hidden lights atop cabinets pointing up to the ceiling.  An important thing to note is that you want to balance your light.  If you have a darker room, hidden showcase lighting lights up your room a lot.  What’s the difference between the two types of light.  Well, showcase lighting usually points up and uses the upper walls and ceilings as a secondary light source, while recessed lighting typically points downward and uses lower wall surfaces for a light source.

    So remember, you want to design your project ahead of time.  Whenever possible, you want to get a professional’s advice.  The best professional for this project? A residential electrician of course.

    This concludes part one of our series on accent lighting. Be sure to read part two and part one as well.

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