• Part two of a series on accent lighting explores avoiding common lighting mistakes.

    Indoor Accent Lighting:  Less is More With Color

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    Outdoor accent lighting has come a long way since it started appearing in the mid-20th century.  Malibu lights were popular…in the 70’s. While a lot of people proclaim them as coming back and as being retro, there are only a few times where they don’t look tawdry.  Why?  Well, it makes your home look kind of like a min-golf course.  The same holds true for lights of different colors.

    The thing that you have to remember with indoor accent lighting is that you already have a color scheme. If you add too many colors, whichever room you’re looking to light, you can make it end up looking like an aquarium, or a video game arcade.  A good thing to remember is that you want to add color lights when and IF appropriate.

    What Colors Should I Use for Accent Lighting?

    Remember, with indoor lighting you want to accentuate a room, not detract from it.  Accent lighting should help your room’s flow as well as not be a jarring interruption.  For example, if you have a room that is more earth tones, a warm gold color or sepia colored light would look good.  A blue light, not as much.

    When should you use colored  lights for accent lighting?  There are a few times that colored lighting adds to your home, both inside and out.  If it is the holidays for example, a fun touch is to put orange and yellow accent light bulbs in for Halloween, and the usual Christmas combination of red and green.  You can also put accent lighting in for a special event such as a party, or for a college football potluck.

    Remember, however, you want to balance your lighting.  If you need pointers, call in a design professional and a residential electrician to help you.

    This concludes part one of our series on accent lighting. Be sure to read part one and part three as well.


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