• Part four of a four part series on home theater installation explores some final points before  you turn it all on.

    Home Theater Wiring:  Call Your Residential Electrician

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    What could go wrong with home theater wiring?  Lots, actually.  Cross a couple of wires, and instead of hearing great music on the sound system, you’ll hear a loud buzzing sound, particularly if you have any frayed speaker or media wires near a power cord.  You also could get ready for the unveiling of your home theater system only to find that of the eight speakers you’ve installed, only three of them are working.  Or, you’ve got sound and no picture.

    A residential electrician can not only install a home theater system, he can check each connection to make sure that your gem of an entertainment system is not only working, it’s working the way it is supposed to.  And what about doing it yourself?  After all, you can buy a “home theater in a box” at an electronics superstore or a big box retailer can’t you?

    Installing a Home Theater System: Common Pitfalls

    There’s an old saying: “If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.”  The same holds true for home theater systems in a box.  You can space your speakers per the diagram, and still find yourself straining to hear out of one ear. While if you get a professional for installing a home theater system, this is less likely to happen.

    Owning a home theater system is a mark of status and your love for entertainment.  So, remember, there are amateurs out there who think they have a home theater system, and there are those who truly have one.  Namely, the people who have a professionally installed home theater system.

    This concludes part four of our series on home theater installation.  For more information, please read part three and these articles as well:

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