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  • Part three of a four part series on home theater installation explores some sound tips.

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    Home theater sound systems can be simple to elaborate. It’s a foregone conclusion you will want surround sound.  Most people don’t know what that really entails, but it is merely a matter of placing your speakers at pretty much either on the wall faces or the corners of your room.  Surround sound is based on the idea of immersion.  When you go to a blockbuster movie, if jets or spaceships race by on your screen, you should be able to hear them as if they are flying right by you.

    An important thing to note about when you install sound for a home theater system, you want to make sure that you have an amp or mixer with more than enough video AND audio inputs, and more than enough speakers as well.  That’s why professional installation matters so much.  A professional installer can even do a sound check to make sure that your speakers are angled correctly, not to mention making sure that you have the right wiring for them.

    Wiring a Home Theater: What You Should Know

    Speakers have come a long way since the old days when they were huge and clunky.  Now you can get speakers that are mere inches in both height and width as well as thickness.  Some speakers are so small that they are a mere three inches in circumference!  But whatever type of speakers you have, you must make sure you have the right home theater speaker wiring installed.  Wiring fits into two categories where speakers are concerned: media wires and power cords.

    So remember, you want a home theater that will make all of your relatives and guests gasp with awe and a bit of envy.  The best way to do this is to call an electrician to install your home theater

    This concludes part three of our series on home theater installation.  For more information, please read part two plus these articles as well:

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