• Part two of a four part series on home theater installation explores lights and lighting.

    Home Theater Lighting

    Home Theater Lighting

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    There are two types of home theater systems.  There are people who go to an electronics superstore, spend a couple hundred bucks and think they have a true home theater system.  Then there are those people who call in a professional who installs all the details.  And one of the best parts of professional installation is home theater lighting.

    It’s all well and good and connect a few extra speakers to a big screen TV and a Blu-ray player and brag about your home theater system, however, if you think about it, watching a movie or television somehow seems more like an experience when you can dim the lights, just like in a regular theater.  What type of lights do you need for a home theater?  Well, for one thing, recessed lighting looks wonderful and reduces glare significantly on your television screen.

    Installing a Home Theater: Lights and Switches You’ll Need

    One thing that you might wish to consider when installing a home theater is either an armrest dimmer switch, or maybe even a customized remote control solution.  That way you can dim the lights for your guests, and at the same time, turn up the sound.  Lighting in a home theater can be unobtrusive, and add an elegant touch to your room as well as illuminate the focal point.

    Remember, that a good home theater isn’t just about your speakers, its the little touches that really separate you from the amateurs.  So plan your home theater system carefully.  Our next segment will cover speakers and sound systems.  Until then, remember that your choices will determine whether you are settling for less or getting the home theater system of your dreams.

    This concludes part two of our series on home theater installation.  For more information, please read part one, or these articles as well:

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