• Why is an electrician writing about Valentine’s Day?  Well, believe us, we can help you in ways you may not expect…

    An Electrician Gets Things Working Right at Home

    Happy Valentine’s Day from your Chandler Electrician | (480) 926-1033

    Ok, it’s Valentine’s Day.  Your special someone is flying home tonight and coming over to your place.  You’ve got it all planned out.  You bought a dozen roses, some groceries and some tapers to make a special romantic dinner.  You’ve got some music planned, maybe the special song you both share.  You decorate the dining room table, and light the candles, he or she comes home.  You’re cooking dinner, and then the circuit breaker you’ve been meaning to fix trips (AGAIN).  The sauce goes gelatinous while you’re resetting your breaker, and now you have to reset the music as well.  And instead of a romantic candle-light dinner, you are now in the middle of a fight because you haven’t fixed the breaker tripping problem.  He or she goes to bed in a huff, and you’re grimly doing dishes, hating Valentine’s Day and everything it stands for.

    Sounds pretty bad doesn’t it?  Well, let’s say instead you called someone  in instead.  He fixed the breaker tripping problem you have, and recommended something to help with the mood, which is the next thing that an electrician  can do. Romantic home improvements.

    Romantic Home Improvements?  

    Before you ask, no,  fixing the garbage disposal is not romantic.  But how about dimmer switches so you can make the lighting more intimate? Or how about a ceiling fan for that too hot room in your home?  How about setting up that home theater so you can cuddle on the couch watching a rom-com?

    We can’t help you with your romantic moves.  We can’t tell you whether to serve chicken marsala or steak for dinner, or what color roses you should pick.  That’s all up to you.  We can help you set the mood with the right home improvements.  After all, we are electricians.

    Happy Valentine’s Day from your electrician  contractors in Chandler, AZ.

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