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  • Part two of a series on electricians explores the rise and importance of home networks.

    Why Did Home Networks Come About?

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    Not so very long ago, there were computer networks, but they were confined solely to businesses.  Computers were more expensive back then, and as a result, there was usually just one computer per household.  Most people couldn’t afford more than one computer. But with improved technology, prices on computers dropped.  And with the rise of things such as digital classrooms, there came a need for more computers.  In a home with more than one computer, a home network often becomes a necessity.

    A home network allows  computers to communicate with one another and share resources including most importantly, an Internet connection.  Regardless of how complex it is an electrician can connect the same  universal components for each network.  These components usually boil down to more than one computer, a router, communication software, and more.

    What Type of Home Network Should I Get?

    What type of home network should you get?  The two most popular types of home networks are Ethernet  and wireless networks. In both of these types, the router does most of the work. Both types have pluses and minuses.  Wired networks are usually faster and more secure, however, they require a lot of Ethernet cabling.  And guess who you would need to call to install the wiring?  An electrician could install a home network today in some cases. But what about a wireless network.

    Don’t think that an electrician can’t help you with a wireless network.  You’re going to need some nodes installed.  The word wireless is not entirely accurate.  You will have some wiring, just none in the walls, and only a little bit.  But you will need to have nodes installed line of sight so that you can bounce a signal around.  So whether you want a wireless network or an Ethernet network, an electrician can help you install a home network.

    This concludes part two of our series.  For more information on electrical projects and electricians, be sure to read part one and part three as well.

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