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  • Part one of a series on electricians explores the wired home.

    Why Do You Want a Wired Home?

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    Why do you want a wired home?   Well, it is the details that separate a home from a house. While the furnishings, decor, and color scheme are some of the ways you transform a house into a home, oftentimes, it is what you don’t see that make a home all the more special.  For example, you can program a smart house to start lowering the temperature so that your home is cool and comfortable when you get home.

    When you’re out of town, how would you like to check on your home using your cell phone?  A wired home lets you do that.  No more wondering if you left the stove on, or forgot to turn off the A/C.  Or look at a daily commute.  How would you like your garage door to start opening when you’re less than a quarter block from your house, and be open and ready for you to park.  No more waiting.  Technology has really come a long way.  But that’s not all an electrician can wire.

    Home Networking and Your Electrician

    The days of going to a physical office are starting to change significantly.  A great many businesses are looking at other solutions.  Compressed work weeks are big, but one of the biggest trends out there is telecommuting.  Imagine working at home dressed in your pajamas.  Well, unless you’re videoconferencing, then you might want to rethink.  The point is, though, with a fast internet connection, you can work at home. And the best way to do this?  Install a home network in your home.

    Home networks allow you faster processing speed, more security, and allow you to share resources.  And in a wired home, it also helps your home be coordinated into one easily controlled smart home.  However, you want to get a licensed electrician to install it.

    This concludes part one of our series.  For more on electricians, be sure to read part two and part three.

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