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    Home Home Theater A Residential Electrician Part 3: Electrical Installs You Might Forget
  • Part three of a series on residential electricians explores some forgotten items that an electrician can help you with.

    Home Theater Lighting and Remote Access

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    In our last article we covered home theater installation, but have you given any thought to your lights? Home theater does well when you have some non-glaring recessed lighting fixtures, and it’s a nice touch to bring them up with the use of a remote. And yes, a residential electrician can help you with home theater lighting as well. However, that is only one thing that he can do.

    Picture it if you will. You can cue the lights, the sound, the picture, just like a Hollywood producer, but unlike them, this is all within the comfort of your home. You can control everything with one well-designed remote. However, home theater is only one thing a residential electrician contractor can do for you.

    Doorbells to Lighting Design: Jobs for a Residential Electrician in Gilbert

    Ever installed a doorbell? Well, sometimes it’s not so easy, and an electrician can hep you with that as well. You can also install security systems, and even set up your home to be a smart home so that you can remote access it from your smart phone and have the lights turned on when you get home. Technology has advanced significantly in the past few years, and a residential electrical contractor can help you to understand it. A good installation is not merely putting in wiring, it is also about giving you any manuals you’re going to need as well as a hands-on orientation of how to use it all.

    The right personnel for any project determines success versus failure.  If  you’re putting in a new patio, you need someone who know how to lay concrete.  If you’re wanting to plan a garden, you call in a landscaper.  And who do you call when you want anything done with electricity?  A residential electrician of course.

    This concludes part three of our series on residential electricians.  Be sure to read part one and part two as well.

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