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  • Part two of our series on residential electricians explores flat screen television installation and home theater.

    Flat Panel Television Installation

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    If you want to install a flat panel television call in an electrician. Flat panels are the wave of the future where televisions and computers are concerned.  Surprisingly though, flat panels are older than you may think.  For example, the first ever plasma television was invented at the University of Illinois in 1964.  And Westinghouse patented one of the first models in 1968.  And flat panels are usually either plasma or LCD.  Here is some information about plasma televisions from Wikipedia: “A plasma display consists of two glass plates separated by a thin gap filled with a gas such as neon. Each of these plates has several parallel electrodes running across it. The electrodes on the two plates are at right angles to each other. A voltage applied between the two electrodes one on each plate causes a small segment of gas at the two electrodes to glow. The glow of gas segments is maintained by a lower voltage that is continuously applied to all electrodes.”[READ MORE]

    As to how an electrician can help you install a flat panel television, an electrician can help you connect a flat panel and make sure that all of the cables and wiring are connected properly, and even help you with the mounting kit.  But it doesn’t stop there.  He can also help you install home theater as well.

    Home Theater Wiring

    If you want a state of the art home theater system, one of those box sets that you buy at a big box retailer won’t do.  You’re going to need to wire the speakers and get a professional electrician that can install home theater wiring to do it.

    Professional installation can make all the difference in your system. Imagine, crystal clear digital surround sound as well as a high def picture. All of this possible with the help of an electrician contractor.

    This concludes part two of our series on residential electricians. Be sure to read part one and part three as well.

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