• Part one of a series on residential electricians provides some insights into some surprising jobs that an electrician contractor can do.  Let’s start with your pool and spa.

    Swimming Pools Need an Electrician Too

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    Most people don’t realize that a swimming pool requires electricity, but it makes sense if you think about it.  Most pools have some sort of light fixture in them and in addition they also have a pumping system as well as a filter.  As a result, your pool uses a fair amount of electricity.

    With that in mind, you want to make sure that you call in a residential electrician in Chandler to help you wire your new pool or spa?  Why?  Well for one, many pools and spas don’t require normal 120v voltage.  They are usually at 220, which means that you can potentially electrocute yourself, and considering that you have water involved the discharge of electricity could even be fatal.  In addition to your pool, what about if you have a spa or a jacuzzi?

    Spa Circuit Wiring

    Jacuzzis and spas are popular in Arizona as the hot part of the year is only about 6 months tops, the rest of the year we have a temperate climate.  As a result, you can use a hot tub for a good chunk of the year.  Like a pool, a spa requires 220 volt wiring, so do not attempt to wire a hot tub yourself.  In most cases, a new spa electric circuit that is dedicated to powering the the unit must be added to your home’s circuit panel.

    So as you see, installing a hot tub or pool is a multi-level process.  You need someone from the pool and/or spa company as well as other personnel and permits.  And who else do you need?  Well, that’s simple.  You need to get a residential electrician in immediately to wire it.

    This concludes part one of our series on residential electricians.  Be sure to read part two and part three as well.

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