• If you wish to install a ceiling fan, you may want to call a professional.  Why?  Well, a lot can go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing.

    Ceiling Fan Installation and the Smart Homeowner

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    First off, even a lightweight ceiling fan weighs a bit, so you have to make sure that the structural integrity of the location is strong enough to hold a ceiling fan.  If you don’t know, your electrician contractor will know.  For safety purposes, the wood support member should be attached at both ends into a ceiling joist with  3 to 3.5 inch screws. The same length screws should be used to attach the metal ceiling box to the framing member.

    Screws are better with the ceiling box because they will not work loose, and considering that even high tech ceiling fans have a bit of vibration, this is a good thing.  You also have to know if you’re going to need to wire the area more.

    Ceiling Fan Wiring

    If you just have a ceiling fan, with no new light, you’re probably okay.  However, if you are installing a ceiling fan with a light fixture, you’re going to need to have a light kit as well. And wiring is where you are in the most danger.  You would be wise to call in a professional residential electrician to install your fan for you.

    Should you hire an electrician to install a ceiling fan? In a word, yes.  If you install a ceiling fan and don’t follow the proper safety steps, you’re in trouble.  You can easily start an electrical fire or even electrocute yourself.  And the scary thing is it may not happen all at once.

    Sometimes, a wiring project can seem to work fine.  However, there’s no telling when it can go wrong.  You could have days, weeks, even months or years, and then the wiring goes, and you become a statistic. So call a residential electrician and avoid all of that.

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