• In our previous articles we covered a lot of what a residential electrician can help you with, but there is another area that may surprise you.

    When It’s Time to Buy and Sell a Home: Call in an Electrician

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    Let’s say you’re looking to buy a new home.  Then you see it, the home of your dreams.  It’s in a great neighborhood, good price, and on the market now.  You snap it up, move in, and settle into your new place.  Then a few months later, you can’t figure out why when you turn on your washing machine or your dryer, your lights flicker at the other end of the house.  By having an electrician come in for a home inspection early on in the home-buying process, you can stop this problem well before it starts.

    With all of the right equipment, they can soon find any faults, and give you a home inspection report that will spell out any problems.   And you don’t just want one to come in before you buy a home, if you’re selling your home, you want an electrician contractor to come in and take care of any potential problems before you even sell the home.

    Avoid Home Fraud With an Electrician Contractor

    In an ideal world, a buyer would be totally upfront, and never try to make up anything to lower the price of the home.  However, that is not the world we live in.  Without a corroborating home inspection report, a buyer can claim that there was something wrong with the wiring when he or she bought the home, and bill you for the amount of a rewiring.  That’s where a residential electrician contractor comes in.  If you have a well documented home inspection by an electrician contractor, you are fully covered if there is any attempt at fraud on behalf of the buyer.

    So as you see, there is often more help than you might think when it’s time to buy or sell a home.  And one of the people you should call in is an electrician contractor.

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