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  • In our last article, we discussed some of the jobs that a commercial electrician can do for your business.  This article will expand on something that every business needs: a security system.

    Commercial Security Systems:  A Job for a Commercial Electrician?

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    Most business owners don’t know that a commercial electrician can help with  installation of a security system.  First off though, how complex are security systems?  Security systems run the gamut from the simple to the complex. A security alarm  is an electronic  system designed to detect and prevent unauthorized entry into a building or an area. Security systems are used as a primary form of  protection against burglars and vandals.  One of the simplest forms of a security system is a motion detector.

    Motion detectors installed by a commercial electrical contractor operate under several electrical principles.  Some use infared, which detects heat signatures in a building.  As people radiate body heat higher than room temperature, they can trigger an alarm.  Others use photo electric signals, where a light beam is interrupted.  Others use sound and other detection methods.  Motion detectors are just one form of security system.

    Commercial Electricians and Wiring a Building for Security

    All security systems require electricity to operate.  This means that you’re going to need someone to put in the wiring.  A commercial electrician is well qualified to install this wiring.  Expanding from motion detectors, there are also other security features such as CCTV and obviously alarm systems.  Alarm systems can be silent, usually notifying a security company, law enforcement, or property management company.

    Some commercial properties require much higher security than others do.  For example, a bank obviously has much different security needs than say a dry cleaner or a hair salon.  Because of the complex wiring involved, never try to install a security system on your own.  Instead call in a professional to help you: a commercial electrician in Chandler.

    This concludes part two of our two part series on jobs for a commercial electrician.  Please read part one as well.

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